Liquid Gene TM

PIC Australia makes Liquid Genes™ available from its highest performing boars. Through Liquid Genes™, producers now have access to boars within lines superior to those available in Australia by natural service.

Australian producers are serviced from our Gene Transfer Centres operated exclusively for PIC by Pork Storks Australia and located strategically throughout Australia.

Pork Storks Australia, with the largest and newest state of the art boar semen collection and processing facilities, is the leader in pig semen processing and delivery systems in Australia. Located near Geelong in Victoria and Toowoomba in Queensland, a network of temperature controlled vehicles ensures that the high quality semen sourced exclusively from PIC Australia superior boars, is delivered in perfect condition direct to the farm gate.

PIC Australia and Pork Storks Australia is subject to comprehensive Quality Assurance procedures including isolation, acclimatisation and blood-testing of incoming boars as well as all laboratory procedures being subject to a rigorous set of standard operating procedures.

There is no faster way of upgrading the genetics of your herd than through our Liquid Gene™ programme.

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