PIC Australia provides a comprehensive range of genetically advanced gilts, boars and semen.

The Camborough range of parent gilts are recognised amongst the world’s most prolific and genetically improved females. The Camborough range is bred using a specialised BLUP program incorporating PICmarq™ technology to continually improve litter size, litter weaning weight, lean growth rate, feed efficiency, feet and leg soundness and teat number.

The Camborough 42  gilt is a first cross Parent gilt. It is the result of a combination of classic hybridisation and quantitative genetics with breakthrough technology. This high performance gilt is suited to sympathetic environments where a high level of management allows the Camborough 42 gilt to express her full genetic potential.

The Camborough 29  gilt is a mixed hybrid Parent gilt designed to produce a high number of full value market pigs sold per lifetime. This gilt is for producers who want to lower cost of production through greater output per gilt entered into the herd. She is a prolific hybrid gilt that improves lifetime margin per sow.

Our PICBOAR range has been carefully selected not only for the production of efficient progeny but also to supply products suitable for the processing, fresh meat and export markets. PICBOARs have outstanding vigour and robustness in a variety of conditions. The producer can readily capture the benefits of PICBOARs in superior feed efficiency and growth rate of their progeny especially when combined with the Camborough range of parent gilts, Australia’s most successful breeding females.

The PICBOAR 400 is a natural service sire designed to suit your requirements. The PICBOAR 400 is;

· vigourous and fertile,
· produces fast growing progeny with excellent carcass yield and superior carcass conformation, and
· is highly acceptable in the Singapore market.

The PICBOAR 400 is a hybrid boar developed as a result of intense selection for muscular conformation and lean meat yield, producing market pigs that perform from the farrowing crate to the abattoir floor.

The PICBOAR 500  is an AI boar focused on greater profitability through increased growth rate and reduced backfat. This focus makes the PICBOAR 500 ideal for;

· maximising weight gain in a fixed time,
· going to heavier market weights at the same backfat depths,
· greater shed throughput by reaching market weights quicker, and
· decreased variation in finished pigs.

By focusing on the profitable production of high quality pork, the PICBOAR 500 delivers a unique combination unachievable by comparable breeds.

The PICBOAR 427  is an AI boar that has been developed for improved carcass yield whilst maintaining reduced backfat. This focus makes the PICBOAR 427 ideal for;

· maximising the yield of saleable meat,
· producing a carcass with superior conformation, highly acceptable by the Singapore market,
· low backfat, high carcass yield and lean percent, and
· decreased variation in finished pigs.


PIC Australia’s Liquid Gene™ development has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 1986 and now services Australian producers in every state. There is no faster way of upgrading your herd’s genetics than through our Liquid Gene™ program.

PIC Australia makes Liquid Genes™ available from its highest performing boars. Through Liquid Genes™, producers now have access to boars within lines superior to those available in Australia by natural service.

Australian producers are serviced from our Gene Transfer Centres operated exclusively for PIC by Pork Storks Australia and located strategically throughout Australia.

Pork Storks Australia, with the largest and newest state of the art boar semen collection and processing facilities, is the leader in pig semen processing and delivery systems in Australia. Located near Geelong in Victoria and Toowoomba in Queensland, a network of temperature controlled vehicles ensures that the high quality semen sourced exclusively from PIC Australia superior boars, is delivered in perfect condition direct to the farm gate.

PIC Australia and Pork Storks Australia is subject to comprehensive Quality Assurance procedures including isolation, acclimatisation and blood-testing of incoming boars as well as all laboratory procedures being subject to a rigorous set of standard operating procedures.

There is no faster way of upgrading the genetics of your herd than through our Liquid Gene™ programme.

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